Schedule a Rug Cleaning if You Have a New Baby

Posted on: April 16, 2018

If you are expecting a new child, scheduling a rug cleaning before they are born is an excellent idea. We clean rugs for homeowners who are looking to restore or improve the appearance of their rugs and carpets. We also perform this cleaning for those who are concerned about dirt and allergies.

This is particularly important for anyone who is going to be bringing a new infant baby home. Infants are highly susceptible to getting sick and it is important to keep them away from germs and allergens as much as possible. Deep cleaning the home prior to bringing them back from the hospital is one thing parents can do to help reduce the risk of the baby getting sick.

Be careful where the infant is laid down

Many new parents do not realize that when a child is little, they often need to be laid down on the floor when changing a diaper, swaddling them in a blanket or changing their outfit. This makes having clean rugs and carpets incredibly important. Otherwise, it could be necessary to constantly carry and lay down blankets to place on the floor prior to laying the infant down. This can be inconvenient so it is best to clean the area and plan ahead.

Schedule a rug cleaning before they start crawling

It is especially important to schedule a cleaning appointment before an infant begins crawling. This is the stage where they are going to be looking to put everything in their mouth so even small crumbs or dirt particles may end up on their hands and fingers and then in their mouth where those germs could make them sick. Even if the child does not tend to eat every crumb, those germs will still end up all over their fingers and hands when crawling. This makes it important for parents to think ahead and to have any rugs and carpets cleaned before a child is born and every couple of months thereafter.

Preserve the appearance of your rugs

In addition to making the area more sanitary for babies, a regular rug cleaning can help to preserve the appearance of it and ensure that it is going to provide visual appeal and comfort for your entire family. Since rugs are expensive to replace, putting money into their maintenance is certainly a wise decision. This is of particular importance if a rug is a designer rug, one purchased from abroad, an antique or something that has been passed down from generation to generation. These keepsake rugs must be well cared for and preserved to ensure that they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations, including the new little one that is being brought home from the hospital and may just learn to sit and crawl on it. These are special memories and a beautiful rug is an excellent place to make them.

Schedule an appointment

We encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment for a rug cleaning today. We will be happy to come out and get the job done before your new little one is brought home.