Grout Cleaning Can Preserve the Appearance of the Bathroom

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Grout Cleaning

Regular grout cleaning can help to preserve the appearance and even the function of tile in the bathroom or kitchen. Most people forget about their grout. After installing the tile, it is easy to neglect regular maintenance or cleaning.

Unfortunately, this can lead to dirty grout which makes the entire kitchen or bathroom feel dated. Cleaning that grout is one of the easiest ways to begin giving the space a facelift.

Grout cleaning is not easy

The biggest reason homeowners ignore their grout is that it is difficult to clean. This is especially true if the grout is white, so cleaning can feel like a daunting task that is ineffective in restoring the tile to the original color or appearance. This can be frustrating, which is why most homeowners leave it alone. That is why it helps to have a professional come in and take care of the cleaning to refresh and restore the appearance of the grout.

Cleaning incorrectly can lead to erosion of the grout

Homeowners need to be careful when cleaning grout to ensure that they do not cause the grout to peel off, come up or to erode. This can create additional challenges like loose tiles and water leaks. Cleaning needs to be gentle enough to prevent this from happening. We have the tools to do a careful and professional cleaning.

Grout cleaning can get rid of mold

Another reason to clean grout is that mold can begin to build up in these damp, warm spaces. Bathrooms are prime targets for mold so it is important to keep an eye for black or green spots into thoroughly clean the grout if they begin to form. We recommend using a bleach-based product to kill the mold spores.


Sometimes, cleaning is not enough

If the grout cleaning is not enough to truly refresh and restore the appearance of the grout, it may be necessary to replace it. As a professional, we will be able to determine this either before we begin and then make a recommendation. If we need to replace the grout, then we may only need to replace specific locations where it wears off or is beyond cleaning.

Some homeowners who hire us choose to do so in order to change the color of the grout, something that can help to give the space a facelift. We are happy to help with both the cleaning and replacing of grout and can finish the job quickly.

Cleaning the grout could just save the bathroom

Ultimately, the biggest reason to clean grout is to try to help save the space from needing an immediate remodel. When the grout is looking horrible, it may feel like the only way to improve the appearance of the bathroom is to tear everything out and remodel it.

While this can be true, we can attempt a professional cleaning of the grout first. We can help it look better before having the homeowner place a large amount of money on a remodel. This can and does end up saving homeowners a significant amount of money.

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