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All too often, people attempt to clean their own carpet, rugs or upholstery on their own and only cause more damage in the process. No matter the reason, from pet stains to natural wear and tear, we specialize in providing the professional carpet care to prolong the lifespan of the carpet. At Orange Coast Carpet Care we strive for quality cleaning and carpet care to help keep carpet or a rug in one’s home fresh and looking good as new.

We offer cleaning services that range from stone/tile cleaning and carpet cleaning to rugs and upholstery. Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than a simple 30 minute cleaning session to clean and protect a carpet/rug/tile floor. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

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Our Team

Our team takes the time to understand the type of flooring or upholstery that we need to clean and the cause of the damage before beginning. We have the expertise and tools necessary to remove all dirt and stains while protecting the constitution of the fabric or tile. At-home cleaning kits will not be effective and can lead to over-wetting, applying too much heat or using the wrong products. We understand the different types of flooring and the most effective methods for cleaning each. More importantly, we will take care not to damage any other items, furniture or equipment in the house while on the job.

Our Services

We provide patients with a variety of carpet and floor care services including carpet cleaning, tile floor polishing, floor restoration, water damage repair, grout cleaning, stone cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet odor removal, smoke odor removal, stain removal, furniture cleaning and carpet stretching. We have the knowledge to know what type of floor or rug will benefit from what type of cleaning procedure. We offer professional care that values quality of the carpet over simply scrubbing it down in a short amount of time. There is no reason to let your flooring or upholstery suffers because of poor service, call us today.

Client Information

From the first phone call to providing after care and return visits, if necessary, we provide our client with professional and high quality care. We will need the client to go over what they need us to clean, such as a carpet, rug, upholstery or tile. We will then set up an appointment to visit the house and begin the cleaning process. Depending on the reason for the cleaning and the type of flooring or tile we are cleaning, we may only need a day to clean or we may need a few. We will walk the client through the entire process and answer any questions they have.